Trading & Marketing

We are specialized in the trading and marketing of both crude and refined petroleum products thanks to an extensive and dependable global network for the supply and sale of petroleum products.

Our long and rich hands-on experience on petroleum trading and marketing means that we have close partnership with suppliers all over the world enabling us to provide our customers with the most competitive prices and rates taking into consideration the quality, timely and trouble-free deliveries.


Arabia Energy with its head office based in the United Arab Emirates has its operation spanning across Africa, Europe and the Middle East where we are involved in refining, blending and exploration projects.  Arabia Energy is manned by first class experts and consultants with rich experience in international trade, project management and expertise in crude and refined oil trading which vary from valuation, selection, trading, marketing to transportation and storage.

Our company is rewarded by the trust and loyalty of our clientele comprising of leading European, Eastern and Arab ship owners, operators, charterers. We supply all grades of fuel oil, gas oil, and lubricants conforming to international standards. Deliveries are arranged to any destination port thanks to our storage facilities available either inside the Arabian Gulf region or in Africa. Other services include bunkering and storage of fuels.

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